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2009-04-27 23:21:04 by RESPRiT

I got my computer fixed after many months, yay.

Moon Cat

2008-09-27 00:02:41 by RESPRiT

Hey guys!
I just made a store!!!
So go and look and buy buy buy :D!

My first products are about moon cat!


Moon Cat

PAX and Castle Crashers

2008-08-31 02:39:08 by RESPRiT

So I went to PAX yesterday... :D.


1. I went with Candie (Ryan).
2. First thing you do is go in a room about 100x100 meters large and it is 90% line (the kind you stand in).
3. When you escape the room you go out a door about 10 feet away from the door you entered from.
4. When we go through the line we get to the exhibition hall.
5. Ryan makes me go straight to the Behemoth booth.
6. When we get their Ryan get all jittery and speechless.
7. We don't see Tom.
8. Ryan looks through a merchandise window to see Tom.
9. Tom gets a creepy smile and wave from Ryan.
10. Tom waves back.
11. While where standing in line for merchandise Tom leaves the booth.
12. Ryan [sarcastically] asks Tom for a front page.
13. He says ok and tell Ryan to PM him.
14. We get our stuff.
15. Dan and Tom sign my figurine glass.
16. "Ice 2 meet u" - Tom Fulp writes.
17. Ryan asks Dan to draw Alien Hominid killing a cat.
18. Dan draws Alien Hominid killing a cat then passes the box to Tom to sign.
19. Tom draws a Castle Crasher cat thing.
20. "Meow" - Tom Fulp


PS. Ryan will probably show pictures of his billion dollar picture.

For Nina

2008-06-25 16:00:06 by RESPRiT

I finally fixed "For Nina" and, trust me, it got a MAJOR upgrade.


2008-06-21 02:47:25 by RESPRiT

Imma joining collabs!

Clock crew and Candie

2008-06-02 22:05:01 by RESPRiT

I think Ryan (Ustolemahcandie) is thinking if joining the clock crew, he was asking me a bunch of questions while we were at his house making "For Nina" ( /442286) and he kept asking about if anyone can join.

Ryan if you joinz I will!


Clock crew and Candie


2008-05-22 21:31:07 by RESPRiT

My first portal post is a success!